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Since 1949, Jacmor Engineering has specialised in the design and manufacture of screw conveyor systems and their components for the processing and handling of bulk materials. Our skills and expertise are recognised in a wide range of industries with Jacmor designed and manufactured equipment operating throughout Australia and in the overseas markets.

Jacmor manufactures Australia’s largest range of sectional screw flights, and our expertise gained over the last 50 years in manufacturing screw conveyors allows us to recommend the most suitable flights for your application.

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Screw Flights

Jacmor tailor-made flights are the ideal system for conveying many differing forms of material.

Jacmor Engineering manufactures the following products:

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Jacmor's highly skilled design team can assist you in determining what flights are needed for your application (mixer ribbons, variable pitch screw flight or tapered flights). To find out how we can make your auger / screw flight equipment the most efficient it can be, contact us.

20-22 Macquarie Drive
Thomastown, VIC 3074

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