Jacmor Screw Flight Range

At Jacmor we tailor-make flights to suit your conveying system.

Jacmor Engineering manufactures the following products:

• Ribbon Screw Flights

• Sectional Screw Flights

• Cut and Fold

• Tapered Augers

• Variable Pitch

• Shaftless – Continuous Screw Flights

• Complete Auger Conveyors

Whatever your requirements, we will work to provide a high quality engineering solution.

First for Quality, Jacmor manufactures flights for your auger or conveyor including screws, ribbon, sectional, cut and fold, shaft less, tapered and variable pitch are made to fit right. Jacmor is widely recognised in Australia for their quality flights with applications working successfully in a wide range of industries such as food, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, commercial, industrial and domestic. Jacmor is the preferred choice due to the quality of product, professionalism and attention to customer service.

Specialised Flights Offered by Jacmor

As well as offering standard screws, augers, ribbon and sectional flights Jacmor Engineering offer specialised screw flights for applications with a more specific use. Depending on your needs, standard or specialised, we have a solution for you. Jacmor's design engineers are experienced in providing custom designs for your ribbon mixer flights, cut and fold flights, single tapered flights, shaftless flighting (continuous) paddles and vanes and auger conveyor systems.

Single Cut

The screw periphery is notched at regular intervals at the outer edge. This allows for agitation of material to supplement the conveying action. Single cut flights are useful for moving materials which tend to pack.

Shaftless Screw

The shaftless spiral allows higher filling rates and lower rpm’s resulting in less wear and consequently less maintenance and down time. Good for sludge and sticky substances.

Paddle Screw

Paddles come in standard pitch, and can be fixed(welded) or fully adjustable allowing the user to adjust the helix angle to get the required amount of mixing or material flow they desire. Paddle shape can be varied to offer different amount of material flow or a more gentle mixing action.

Mixer Ribbons

Ribbons are commonly used with Batch Ribbon Mixers are available in variety of sizes and styles arrangements, Jacmor can design and fabricate a complete ribbon arrangement for your existing mixer, refurbish or supply you with a complete unit engineered to meet your mixing needs.

Vane Paddle Conveyor

Similar to the paddle flights the Vane Paddles can be adjustable and provides complete mixing action and controlled material flow, the vane paddle conveyor is made of steel paddles on threaded rod shanks inserted through the pipe. Conveying action can be controlled by adjusting the paddle angle. The vane paddle conveyor is excellent for stirring, blending or mixing dry or fluid materials.

Contact Us

Jacmor's highly skilled design team can assist you in determining what flights are needed for your application (mixer ribbons, variable pitch screw flight or tapered flights). To find out how we can make your auger / screw flight equipment the most efficient it can be, contact us.

20-22 Macquarie Drive
Thomastown, VIC 3074

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