Teflon Coating

Applied under heat and allows materials to easily flow along its surface allowing some hard wear qualities. Teflon coating is available in both powder and liquid forms allowing for a broad range of applications to different part sizes. They spray on like paint and bake to a tough finish. Teflon properties include heat resistance, almost total chemical inertness and low friction coefficients.

Stainless Steel Screws

Typically used in food processing, chemical mixing, wood chipping, salt and sugar industries.

ARC Ceramic Hard Facing

The ceramic-reinforced surfacing provides reliable protection metal surfaces against costly and damaging effects of abrasion, erosion-corrosion, chemical attack, and atmospheric corrosion. ARC non-oxidizing wear resistant and chemical resistant materials help maximise the life of the screw flight.

Hard Faced Screws

The preferred screw for heavy duty mining, long wear applications and wood chipping (for example where 200-300 tonne and hour may be processed). Abrasion resistant screw conveyor systems are perfect for handling abrasive materials in the sand, gravel, paper and pulp industries, as well as in fuel and ash plants. Jacmor manufactures these hard faced screws in a range of 300mm – 1000mm diameter.

Tungsten Hard Facing

Tungsten is one of the hardest metals known to man. Tungsten hard facing has been shown to increase the life of flights by up to 50%. Tungsten is available in several forms for use in hard facing depending on the required application.

Tungsten Grit (Tung Grit) Hard Facing

Tung grit applied after a material surface has been heated to 600°C, has extremely good wearing characteristics. Using a specially formulated blend of tungsten, tungsten grit produces an extremely hard matrix (comparable to diamond). It is supplied in scientifically designed grit sizes with varying percentages of fines. This product has exceptional adhesion and high resistance to wear and tear.

Construction Type Conveyor Screws

Jacmor’s range of heavy duty construction type Conveyor Screws is limited only to the application requirements of the client.

• Screws are heavy duty and robust construction

• Hard Facing

• Auxiliary Attachments

• Strength & Wear Resistance to handle difficult materials

• Screws specifically designed for your application

Material Selection

Material Description Application Industry
Material: 304 Stainless Steel Description:

Stainless steel 304 is the standard stainless steel. Versatile and widely used, it has excellent forming and welding characteristics.


Food processing equipment: beer brewing, milk processing and wine making, chemical mixing / tanks, quarrying and water filtration. 


Food, Chemical, Mining

Material: Mild Steel Description:

Mild steel is a steel alloy that contains a high amount of carbon. It is the most common form of steel as its price is relatively low while it provides material properties that are acceptable for many applications. Mild steel has a relatively low tensile strength and is neither extremely brittle nor ductile. It becomes malleable when heated, and so can be forged. It is also often used where large amounts of steel need to be formed.


Fabrication and pressing,


Automotive, Chemical, mining, industrial, cement plants, construction

Material: SAF 2205 Description:

This alloy is a stainless steel which is characterised by high resistance to stress corrosion cracking in chloride bearing environments and in environments containing hydrogen sulphide. It has high resistance to general corrosion, pitting and crevice corrosion, high resistance to erosion corrosion and corrosion fatigue, high mechanical strength, good design advantages due to its properties, good weldability.


Production tubing and flow-lines for the extraction and gas and oil, heat exchange and pipes in desalination plants, processing and transport chemicals


Gas and Oil refineries, Desalination plants, Chemical

Material: SAF 2507 Description:

SAF 2507 alloy is a super stainless steel with 25% Chromium, 4% Molybdenum and 7% Nickel. It is designed for demanding applications which require exceptional strength and corrosion resistance.


Chemical processing, petrochemical and seawater experiment, absorber towers, and piping


Chemical, Oil Refineries, marine, Desalination Plants, Power industry

Material: Duaplate Description:

Duaplate is a chromium carbide composite material that is bonded to a base material. Duaplate is known for being one of the most abrasive resistant surfaces available. Duaplate is available in a range of different grades to suit a variety of operating conditions.


Earth Moving, coal preparation, wood chip and pulp, Sugar processing


Construction, Mining, Wood Chipping, Food

Material: Bisalloy Description:

Bisalloy is a low alloy, high strength steel plate with yield strength three times that of carbon steel. Bisalloy features low carbon, excellent toughness and good weldability and formability. Utilising the high strength properties Bisalloy allows reduction in section thickness without loss of structural integrity


Transport Equipment, Lifting equipment – cranes excavator buckets, container handling


Transport, Construction, Mining

Material: 316 Stainless Steel Description:

316 Stainless Steel is a standard molybdenum-bearing grade which gives 316 excellent corrosion resistant properties


Food preparation, laboratory benches and equipment, boat fittings, chemical containers


Food, Science, Shipping, Transport

Material: Titanium Description:

Titanium is immune to environmental attack regardless of pollutants. Titanium can withstand urban pollution, marine environments, and sulphur compounds found in industrial areas. Titanium has a high strength to weight ratio.


Power generation, chemical processing, desalination plants


Power generation, Chemical, Water

Material: 253 MA Description:

MA 253 is a nitrogen alloy heat resistant stainless steel. It has excellent resistance to oxidation and high temperature corrosion (achieves optimal performance at 850-1100°C) and exhibits high mechanical strength at high temperatures


Tubes for the glass and cement industries, heat treatment


Construction, petrochemical, power industries

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